Perth Property Stylists


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This is a summary of the Terms & Conditions set out by CFM Property Styling that the renter (customer) agrees to accept when entering into a rental agreement with CFM Property Styling.


1. Security Deposit

The customer agrees to pay CFM Property Styling the security deposit  and payment for the first months hire before the goods are delivered.

  1. 2. Removal Of Goods                                                                     

The customer agrees not to remove or allow any other person to remove                                 
the Goods from the premises where the Goods are to be kept, as set out in the agreement.

  1. 3. Care Of The Goods

The customer agrees to keep the Goods in good order and condition.

4. Deposit Refund
Provided that the customer has complied with the terms and conditions of this agreement, CFM Property Styling agrees to refund the security deposit upon termination of this agreement and on the return of the Goods to CFM Property Styling. CFM Property Styling may according to its discretion deduct from the Security Deposit for any cleaning or repair expenses or any monies owing to CFM Property Styling.


5.  Loss or Damages to the Goods
The Customer agrees that they shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the Goods from any cause at all times during the Rental Period until the goods are returned to CFM Property Styling.
The Customer is required to notify CFM Property Styling of any loss or damage to the Goods within 24 hours.  In this case the Customer will be liable to pay CFM Property Styling to the value of the said goods such value not to exceed the retail price of the said goods at the commencement of the renting.

6.  Termination Of The Agreement By CFM Property Styling
If the Customer does not comply with any of the terms and conditions set out by CFM Property Styling in this agreement CFM Property Styling may terminate the agreement.


7. Return Of The Goods To CFM Property Styling

One weeks notice must be given to CFM Property Styling when the goods are no longer required.


8. Continuation Of the Agreement

If at the end of the Rental Period the customer does not notify CFM Property Styling the rental agreement will continue at the weekly rate agreed on the contract.


9.  Payments
Payments must be made in advance


10. Late Payment Fee
The Customer agrees to pay all rental payments monthly in advance without further notice from CFM Property Styling. Where the Customer has provided credit card or bank account details the Customer hereby authorizes CFM Property Styling to automatically debit such credit cards and / or bank accounts to pay the overdue payments and other incidental costs. The customer further agrees to pay the costs of all notices, demands and proceedings, which CFM Property Styling deems necessary to obtain such payments.


11.  Title to the Goods and right to immediate possession of the Goods.
The Customer acknowledges CFM Property Styling title to the Goods and immediate Possession of the Goods.


The Customer acknowledges CFM Property Styling title to the Goods and the right to immediate possession of those goods upon termination of this agreement of breach by the customer of this agreement. Nothing in this agreement shall be constructed as an offer by CFM Property Styling to sell the Goods to the Customer.  The Customer agrees to notify CFM Property Styling immediately of any seizure or attempted seizure of the Goods.


12. Right Of Access
The Customer agrees to provide C.F.M. Property Styling staff reasonable access to the premises where the Goods are kept, for the purpose of inspection, repair and collection. The Customer further agrees to pay any costs of any action that C.F.M. Property Styling deems necessary to obtain back the Goods.


13. Person Signing this Agreement
The Person signing this agreement for and/or on behalf of the customer hereby covenants with CFM Property Styling that he or she has the authority from the customer to make this agreement and bind the customer to this agreement and hereby indemnifies CFM Property Styling against losses and costs incurred during the rental period.


14. Use Of Goods
None of the goods Supplied by CFM Property Styling are to be used in any way. Goods are provided for display only.


15.  Health
Como Furniture Rentals takes no responsibility whatsoever for any injury or illness caused by the goods under agreement.


16. Rental Agreement
The Terms & Conditions set out in this rental agreement constitute the whole agreement made between the Customer and CFM Property Styling.


17. Severability
If any of these Terms & Conditions in this agreement shall become illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the remaining Terms & Conditions shall not be affected.